brand positioning

the pursuit of excellence, leading the atomization revolution

HIVIP-free taste, enjoy pure

brand positioning expresses the concept of freedom and taste. It means that HIVIP is committed to providing users with the opportunity to choose freely, allowing them to express their personal taste freely, and feel the joy of freedom in the process of experiencing atomization. At the same time, "Enjoy Pure" emphasizes the excellent quality of HIVIP products and the characteristics of high taste reduction and no odor, so as to ensure that users can enjoy a pure experience in the atomization process.

release your taste buds and enjoy the pure journey

calls on users to release their taste buds, that is, to explore and discover the wonderful variety of flavors.

emphasizes the pure journey, that is, through HIVIP's products, users can feel a pure and fresh experience during smoking, and get rid of the harmful substances and odors brought by traditional tobacco.

Brand slogan

the pursuit of excellence, leading the atomization revolution

Social Responsibility

the pursuit of excellence, leading the atomization revolution

focus on health education

promotes cultural change in smoking

HIVIP electronic cigarettes bear social responsibility, pay attention to health education, and actively promote the change of smoking culture. We are aware of the challenges that smoking behavior poses to the health of individuals and society, and are therefore committed to providing users with healthy and controlled smoking choices. In addition to providing high-quality e-cigarette products, HIVIP also actively carries out smoking education and publicity activities to convey the concept of healthy smoking to users and encourage them to adopt healthier smoking methods. We work to create a healthier, more responsible vaping community by working with health experts and organizations to drive a shift in smoking culture. Our social responsibility is to enhance the health awareness of users, promote positive changes in smoking behavior, and contribute to social health.

R & D Technology

Brand Values

the pursuit of excellence, leading the atomization revolution

innovation, the pursuit of excellence

HIVIP e-cigarettes adhere to the values of innovation and excellence. We have always maintained continuous innovation in technology, and constantly introduce new products to bring users the most advanced and high-quality electronic cigarette products. Our team is committed to R & D and improvement, constantly challenging ourselves and pursuing excellent quality and user experience. Whether it is product design, technological innovation, or the optimization of atomization experience, HIVIP is committed to becoming an industry leader and bringing users a surprising atomization experience.

Business philosophy

the pursuit of excellence, leading the atomization revolution

innovation leads, users first

HIVIP electronic cigarette is to take innovation as the lead and the user is supreme. We are committed to continuous innovation, leading the development direction of the industry. Through continuous research and development and innovation, we provide unique e-cigarette products and experiences to meet users' pursuit of personalization and diversification. In the course of business, we always put the needs and experience of users first, listen to the voice of users, and provide them with excellent products and services. We believe that innovation is the key to continuous development, and user satisfaction is the cornerstone of success. Innovation and user first is the core concept of the continuous progress and growth of HIVIP e-cigarettes.